vertical_blinds1_prestige_blindsVerticals – the ultimately practical window and door covering solution – are perfectly suited to any window, and to sliding or stacking doors of any size. A slight tilt on the louvers controls both privacy and light beautifully. This flexibility, together with economical prices, are keys to their lasting popularity.

Consider where Vertical Drapes can be used in your home or office, remembering that the same fabrics can be used for your verticals, rollers and panel glides – for a fully co-ordinated look. From the latest in fabric technology we have easy clean, long wearing options in a massive range of colours – and while most are blockout, translucent and patterned fabrics are also available.

Your verticals will be measured on-site and manufactured in our Gold Coast Factory. From order to installation is usually less than two weeks.

Vertical Blinds - Louvolite

Louvolite Vertical Blinds are not just fabulous to look at they are fabulous to own. Download the brochure to find out more



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Indoor Blinds

  • Blockout
  • Blackout
  • Light filter
  • Privacy
  • Sunscreen
  • Double rollers

  • Blockout verticals
  • Metal venetians
  • Aluminium venetians
  • Timber style venetians

  • Blockout panel guides
  • Light filtering panel glides
  • Sunscreen panel glides
  • Sunscreen panel glides
  • Printed fabric
  • Designer roller blinds


  • Blockout curtains
  • Sheer curtains
  • Blockout drapes
  • Lining
  • Wave fold

  • S fold
  • Box pleats
  • Pinch pleats
  • Pelmets

  • Knife pleat
  • Room darkening
  • Zepel
  • Charles Parsons


  • Plantation shutters
  • Sliding shutters
  • Hung shutters
  • Bifold shutters

  • White shutters
  • PVC shutters
  • Basswood shutters

  • Thermal shutters