Motorisation & Home Automation

motorisation_dual-rollers-office-situation-prestige_blindsAsk us about options for motorisation of your blinds, curtains or awnings. Most applications are able to be automated, giving you fully variable sun control – often with the convenience of one single remote control – and the peace of mind of 5 year warranty on motors and accessories.

With enquiries for Home Automation on the rise, we have great support from our suppliers to co-ordinate and integrate your new electric blinds or curtains into your home automation system. Home automation allows you to control and monitor your blinds, curtains or awnings from your device. 

Awning1_croppedConsider motorised products for simple convenience, or for where access is difficult. Some very large blinds and awnings are especially suited for motorisation for ease of operation.

Motors can be installed during construction or renovation – but motors can usually be retrofit with ease as well.

Somfy HR

We offer either Somfy Motors or Alpha motors, depending on your budget, both which come with the same long term warranty.

Not keen on wires? Then ask us about battery operated motors using a standard AA battery!  For your motorised blinds, curtains or awnings, we also offer wind or sun-sensors!

Did you know that we can even help you source a trusted electrician and any other trades you need?

Wire-free motors – no sparky needed!

Watch these videos for the Rollease Acmeda System