Motorised Blinds and Awnings, the way of the future!

b94c7c91-c176-405e-930e-e83e4936ffb3Imagine having cost effective motorised solutions to control your internal or external blinds or awnings!

Motorising your blinds or awnings has become very affordable and consumers are starting to appreciate the benefits as well. Not only is it extremely convenient to be able to control the light and sun in your living areas by remote control, it creates a sense of luxury and will improve your energy costs.

If you’ve already got blinds, we can retrofit motors to them. Now that’s a great way to update!

9671ec8a-b7b3-47e9-b29e-bfed60802569With an increased focus on having properly secured blind cords, an automated blind will remove the need for any blind cords, protecting your children.

Did you know you can even have sun sensors installed so that your blinds will automatically adjust up or down depending on the light coming into the window, to protect your carpets and furniture.

With the benefit of a wall mounted unit for your remote control, you’ll be able to keep it out of reach of young children and always have a place to store it.

e0068fa4-de08-4dc9-ba38-da884371043bNot at home to press that remote button? No problem!
Additional functions can be installed so that you can set times for your blinds to automatically open or close or adjust them yourself from your office via your computer or smart phone.

The opportunities are endless!