Renovate with confidence!

6360f8a6-869c-4c53-887e-3588930ca643Did you know that around 50% of our customers are in renovation mode? Renovating a property has gained in popularity due to TV Reality shows, but more importantly because cosmetic updates are quite economical in comparison to the return on investment you could receive on the value of your home.

00cb1c8b-4ae5-4c3d-a7ca-1b2a967e072eAdding new blinds will freshen up the look of your home and for maximum impact, customers will choose shutters! We find shutters add most value when featured in the entry areas of your home and main bedroom.

f6032a78-73f8-4cc6-a24f-43d35f1695a6Did you know that we can help you source any other trades you need for renovation work? Perhaps you need some painting done or new lighting, or other odd jobs around the home as part of your renovation project. Our network of trusted tradies is extensive and our reputation is on the line so if we refer one of them to you, we know they will definitely show up for quoting!

c5c40a29-5f68-4b5f-a036-74d25d646392If you need other types of referrals, we can help you with that too! Maybe you would like to rent out your home, or finance the renovations, and we have some amazing contacts in these fields. If you would like any of our referral partner contact details, feel free to email us at, tell us the type of person you would like to speak to and we’d love to help.