Blinds, Curtains and General Child Cord Safety for Children

Loose blind and curtain cords can kill.

Fix them out of reach so children are out of danger.

Steps for protecting children

Take these simple steps to ensure that blind and curtain cords/chains are out of reach of children.

Check your blind and curtain cords

  • Do this anywhere where you might be staying on holidays or even renting
  • Check for loose or looped cords that your child can reach from the floor or by climbing on furniture.
  • Immediately tie cords out of reach and move away any furniture children might climb on to reach them.

Secure loose cords out of reach

  • Buy cleats or tensioning devices from a hardware store or any window furnishing business.
  • Use at least two screws to fix each cleat or tensioning device in a place that is out of reach of children.
  • Don’t secure these devices with materials that fail when a load is placed on them, such as double-sided tape or glue.

If you cannot fix your unsafe cords and chains out of reach, ask for help from a reliable trades person. If you are renting or leasing a property, seek help from your landlord or agent.

Keep children away from all cords/chains

  • Move anything a young child can sit in, stand in, or climb on (like cots, highchairs, beds, sofas, tables, chairs and bookshelves) away from cords/chains – even those tied around a cleat, as your child may be able to untie them.
  • Do not let your child play near cords/chains they can easily reach.
  • Never leave your child alone in a room with cords/chains they can reach.

Download the ACCC Blinds & Cords Safety Alert pdf