Maximise your outdoor seating

The following article was originally published in the March 2014 Restaurant & Catering Magazine.

Cafe and restaurant owners know too well the benefits they receive from have an alfresco dining area, but are often left wondering whether the extra council fees involved will give them the return they need.

prestige-blinds-hospitalityAn alfresco dining area increases the area you have available for your diners,yet these areas are exposed to all the weather elements in an industry where the key is making your business less seasonal.

Channel guide awnings allow an outdoor area to be enclosed, whilst at the same time increasing the ambience of the area.These types of awnings give a good balance by providing some privacy,whilst maintaining their outlook. Wind, rain and sun exposure are minimised allowing your customers to dine in comfort.

Other alternatives can be found in folding arm awnings,particularly where alfresco areas are situated on a footpath. A folding arm awning gives great sun,wind and direct rain protection over the immediate cover of diners and has the added benefit of being able to fold back when not needed.

On cloudy or cooler days where sun exposure is welcome,the folding arm awning does not need to be utilised although it is there ready to be extended when the weather changes during the course of a day.

For a small investment into these types of awnings,your alfresco dining area has a maximised use potential almost all year around.

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