Your property check list


This checklist will help any home owner or investor map out where the ambience of their home might be lacking and identify areas that could be improved.

As they say, your home should always be sale ready and you’ll surprised as to how little it might cost you to add significant comfort to your … Continue reading

To motorise or not to motorise? That is the question!

Café and restaurant owners know very well the benefits of motorising their blinds or awnings. The last things they want to do every day is spend time manually turning the crank handle to wind up or down their alfresco screens.

They also don’t want to have their employees spend time out of their working shift to attend to this task … Continue reading

Protecting your home, floors and furniture

Not long ago, you had new floorboards laid, costing tens of thousands of dollars but they are magnificent. You also decide to put a new rug over the top on one side where your lounge is to soften the area.

One day, you lift that rug to clean underneath and gasp with horror! Your beautiful floorboards are ruined!! There is … Continue reading

The office sauna

An office with large windows and expansive views sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But maybe not if the workers and office equipment are exposed to direct sunlight and the unwelcome conditions of an office sauna. ILONA TEREMI uses a series of office tales to demonstrate the benefits window furnishings can bring to a workplace….”

This article was originally published in the … Continue reading