To motorise or not to motorise? That is the question!

Café and restaurant owners know very well the benefits of motorising their blinds or awnings. The last things they want to do every day is spend time manually turning the crank handle to wind up or down their alfresco screens.

They also don’t want to have their employees spend time out of their working shift to attend to this task either. This is heightened by occupational safety laws where these business owners simply don’t want their waiting staff doing such a repetitive task every day.

To-motorise-or-not-to-motoriseIsn’t it far more impressive for dining customers to see the restauranter’s awnings adjust themselves at the push of a button, whenever the local weather picks up a slight breeze or the sun starts to move into the dining area?

Some consumers are initially concerned about the cost of motorisation and often, after having chosen not to motorise, they regret later not paying that little extra for the convenience of motorisation, after days and weeks have gone past of them manually adjusting their window furnishings.

  • Not all window furnishings are best suited to motorisation and it doesn’t suit all customers. Commercial offices are a good example of where automation is used well, especially those boardrooms when a PowerPoint presentation requires a darker room and there are a number of windows where the roller blinds need to be closed quickly.
  • We often receive feedback from our customers that they have some reluctance in requesting motorised blinds due to the perception that it’s expensive! There are quality motors now available in the market that makes motorisation more affordable than what they used to be. You can even have battery operated motors which removes the need for electrical wiring. We love them! Long warranties on most motors give customers even more confidence to consider motorised blinds or awning.
  • Motorisation is also very handy when you have a number of roller blinds to move up and down every day or you have some blinds in some very high or hard to reach places!