Protecting your home, floors and furniture

Not long ago, you had new floorboards laid, costing tens of thousands of dollars but they are magnificent. You also decide to put a new rug over the top on one side where your lounge is to soften the area.

One day, you lift that rug to clean underneath and gasp with horror! Your beautiful floorboards are ruined!! There is a fade mark on the floor boards where the rug was placed. You realise the sun and light protruding from your windows has caused the fade mark. You had no sunscreen blinds at all on those windows or awnings outside.

protecting-your-homeNext, you check your furniture nearby and lift an ornament up from a table to realise there is a fade mark there also, right where that ornament usually sits. You have been working so much lately that you don’t realise how much sun and light gets into your home during the day until you have some time off. No wonder the house is always so warm when you get home from work in the evenings!

What to do to make sure once your floorboards are fixed, they don’t get ruined again?

  • Trends are that some building designs have led to eaves being removed which often increases the need for awnings to be installed to replicate the protection eaves used to provide from the sun, wind and rain.
  • Externally, a lack of eaves or external window furnishings can lead to rot in timber, paint and lacquer peeling and general degradation. Awnings can also stop the sun from touching the windows which can keep your home or office cooler on warmer days.
  • Internally, carpets and furniture can fade and internal window furnishing can assist with managing this exposure. A variety of choices of both or either external or internal window furnishings can give a good degree of privacy and noise reduction, in addition to managing the thermal aspects of your home or office.